Makita HS7600 Vs Makita 5007F Circular Saw – Which Is Best

Makita is a top brand when it comes to making power tools. We would like to see what the brand can offer for those on a budget and want a circular saw.

Looking at the various models the company offers, the Makita HS7600 and the Makita 5007F models easily stand out as the best options at a bargain.

These two models are ideal for general contractors, framers, and other applications without spending a fortune. Our reviews will help you learn more about the tools and choose the right one for the job.

The Makita HS7600 is for someone new to using a circular saw. It is lightweight and has a good blade size for working on various projects. However, it might struggle with heavy duty ripping applications.

The Makita 5007F is what you need if you are a professional or DIYer on a budget. It has more power, more cutting capacity, and is well balanced. It also has LED lights for better illumination.

The Comparison

Makita HS7600 Circular Saw

This is a well-balanced circular saw you would like to own. Many would love to get it today because of the performance and value for money the unit offers. Below are some more features that make the unit great.

Lightweight and Compact

The model was built with framers in mind. The result is that the model had to be lightweight. This allows for framers to carry the circular saw around to different job sites and handle the various projects.

It is not just about being lightweight, but also well-balanced. You will find it having a superior balance that allows for working with it the whole day without straining too much. Also, it is good in terms of durability to survive being used at different work sites. Being compact also makes the unit ideal for framing and other cutting applications.

Powerful and Cutting Capacity

The unit features a powerful 10.5-amp motor. This type of motor is good in terms of driving the blade through the different materials. Considering that it weighs only 8.6 pounds, you should find it being great in terms of power-to-weight ratio.

The heavy gauge aluminum wraparound base is designed to deliver on more durability. The best part about the aluminum material is that it is lightweight. This type of base also helps to achieve straighter cuts.

The model comes with a cutting capacity of 2.5 inches at 90 degrees. Considering that it features a 7.25-inch blade, getting such an impressive cutting depth should not be a problem.

The Blade

We have already mentioned the size of the blade. You will like the blade most since it is durable. The carbide tips on the blade make it possible for it to withstand going through the hardest materials. Even if there is a nail embedded in the wood, you will find that the blade has no problem cutting it.


The model does come with some of the best ergonomics to make it suitable for multiple users. Looking at the handle, you will notice that it is overmolded with rubber. The rubber grip will give you the best grip and fit in your hand. It will also reduce the vibrations reaching your hand.

What We Like

  • The saw is lightweight at 8.6 pounds
  • The blade has carbide tips for durability and performance
  • It is comfortable to feel in the hand

What We Don’t Like

  • The 10.8-amp motor is not ideal for heavy duty ripping jobs

The Solution: If you have to do heavy duty ripping jobs, you should consider doing several passes to get the job done. Several passes should not be too much work for many.

Makita 5007F Circular Saw

The 5007F stands out for its more performance features. This means you get to use it for more heavy-duty applications. Let us look at the features that make it better than competitors.

The Motor

Anyone who is the market for the best circular saw would want it to have the best motor. This one comes with a powerful 15-amp motor. This type of motor makes it have a better power-to-weight ratio. To sustain this power, the unit also has an impressive ball bearing construction and a heavy gauge aluminum wraparound base. With more power, you need to have the right construction to handle it. That is exactly what you get with this unit.

The motor can deliver speeds of up to 5,800RPM. This makes the cutting capacity even better. It has a cutting depth of 2-3/8 inches at 90 degrees. As for 45 degrees, this capacity is at 1-3/4 inches. Since it also bevels up to 45 degrees, it should then be a versatile tool for angular cuts.


For many, they find this being an easy to use circular saw. To ensure it is easy to use, the manufacturer made it to have large and easy to read markings. This will allow you to set the correct cutting depth and bevel angle.

If you look at the blade change process, you will also notice it is easy. You can easily swap the blades faster and start working on the next workpiece with ease.

As part of usability, the model still has two LED lights built into it. These lights are essential to improve visibility. The dust blower also keeps the cut line visible all the time.


The 7-1/4-inch blade is what you need to handle different sizes of workpieces. This blade still has carbide tips. Such tips will make it easier for the blade to cut the hardest workpieces with ease. Also, the blade will remain sharper for longer. The blade has special heat vents with the aim of dissipating heat. This ensures that there is increased cutting performance without worrying about the heat.

What We Like

  • It is a highly durable unit
  • The blade has vents for dissipating heat
  • The motor is powerful for heavy duty ripping

What We Don’t Like

  • It lacks an electric brake

The Solution: An electric brake would make it stop faster, but it is not a deal breaker. The unit still has many other top features that make it ideal for various applications.

Which is Better?

These two models both are designed to be durable. They have the aluminum construction which makes them durable and lightweight. They also feel comfortable in the hand to promote better control over the device. The large blade of 7-1/4 inches in diameter in each model should be good for versatility and better cutting depth.

As much as both are within the same price range, the Makita 5007F unit stands out as being better. It is more powerful, has more cutting capacity, and it is easy to use. It also has the LED lights and a dust blower to improve the overall usability of the saw.

Final Thoughts

Circular saws do not always have to be expensive for them to be great for cutting workpieces. Sometimes a unit can be great in cutting capacity even when it is affordable. That is what you get with the two Makita units reviewed above. For those who are starting out with circular saws, then the HS7600 unit will be the best option. The 5007F should be left to professionals who need to handle heavy-duty ripping applications.

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