A Buying Guide To LED Christmas Lights

The holiday season is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time to add that glow to your home. The best outdoor Christmas lights never go out of style in setting the festive mood. Nothing beats the Yuletide feeling it brings since the more you hang, the merrier it gets.

However, LED Christmas lights can turn your celebration into a nightmare if you don’t choose it properly. As a seasonal staple, this should bring joy by following the succeeding guidelines:


Safety is the number one priority when purchasing Christmas lights. No matter how bedazzling the piece is, it should be equally safe for your household. Check if it’s recommended for outdoor or indoor use. An indoor light shouldn’t be used as outdoor Christmas lights.

Some Christmas light products are made of delicate materials that can easily melt during prolonged use. It’s important to be meticulous with your options.

Also, consider where you want to place the lights. Is there a fire hazard? Are the lights going to be exposed to moisture? Take note that there are specific products made for these environments.

Checking the bulb

Most Christmas lights products nowadays use LED bulbs to save energy and limit heat production. It’s also long-lasting than the old models, not to mention being safer and brighter. Here are some of the considerations before getting your Christmas light supplies:

Power source. Is it battery powered or plugged to an electrical outlet? Your option should suit your installation ideas.

Bulb shapes. Christmas lights are no longer just simple bulbs. Now, it comes in shapes like snowflakes, balls, berries, and other fancy looks. You can also opt for stockings or cookies shapes.

Effects. It doesn’t always have to shine brightly. From twinkling, flashing, or mild silhouettes, Christmas lights are versatile in setting up the mood that you like.

Colors. One of the most important aspects to look at is the color of the bulbs. You can opt for single colors or one that alternates with white, blue, green, and soon. It all depends on the theme of your décor.

Cable length. Christmas lights can be hung all over the yard or house. Make sure that you have enough cable length to reach the power source to cover the entire area. Some Christmas light products can be as long as 43 meters.

Cable color. This little detail will add value to your decoration. If you want a discreet look, opt for a transparent cable color.

LED Christmas lights silhouettes

Christmas light silhouettes are favorites among many families. It’s very easy to set up and it can be distinguished from a distance. Silhouettes can both be battery and main-powered. Here are some of the great options:

Rope light silhouettes. This outdoor type provides a continuous stream of light and not the usual dotted, patchy style. This can be used to form images of angels or elves. This comes in various colors too.

3D Silhouettes. Aside from the Christmas lights, 3D silhouettes come with a pre-formed figure that when lit up will produce a pop-up character. These are usually mounted on the yard and on the snow. You can choose between tinsel or acrylic types of pop-up characters.

Indoor silhouettes. These are smaller in scale and intended to provide a warm feeling inside the house. These are usually of yellow color with two-dimensional pop-up shapes. You can place this on the windowsill or the table near your tree.

String Christmas lights

Also popular as fairy lights, string Christmas lights are traditional options for the tree. Meanwhile, it can also be used outdoors. Here are some of its types:

Icicle lights. Contained in a straight line frame, this looks like icicles which imbibe the chilly season. It can be hung on windows, fences, and eaves.

Straight line strings. The bulbs are lined on a string that can be wrapped around the tree, figurines, and almost anywhere. Most string lights have copper wires that are easy to bend without breaking.

Net or curtain lights. Arranged in a grid form, net lights can be hung on a wall for the best Yuletide vibe. On the other hand, curtain lights are horizontal cable lights hanging loosely in the air.

Other lights you can get

Aside from Christmas lights, you can add a fancier vibe to your home with these additional decors:

Stake lights. Candy cane stake lights have illuminating bodies and painted ends that can be buried on the ground or soil.

Christmas projectors. A perfect pair to indoor silhouettes, Christmas projectors provide a festive and fun look inside your home.

Light dome silhouettes. If you’re looking for perfect lights for your bathroom, reading nook, or small corners, light dome silhouettes are perfect. It’s safe since the bulbs are covered with a dome lid.

The best outdoor Christmas lights should be both fancy and safe. As the Christmas season approaches, all you want is a hassle-free celebration.

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