8 Winter Skincare Tips for Women

Winter weather is here now and that can prove challenging to keep your skin moist as the cold dry air tends to dry out your skin. This happens to both men and women, but the cold winter days drys women’s skins more readily because their skin is most times softer. Here are 8 tips on how to stay moisturized during this time of year.

Women of Color

1. Women of color are most susceptible to the cold. This is because of the cold triggers hyperpigmentation. The cold air causes the pigmentation cells in a women body to become overactive. Thus resulting in the itchy dry skin.

2. If you can stand it, take cooler showers in the day. A renowned doctor recommends that women should take a lukewarm shower. It does feel great to take a nice hot shower at the end of the day after you have been in the cold. This is not good to do as the hot shower can dry your skin even further.

Moisturize Your Skin

1. Make sure you use a good moisturizing lotion right after your shower. This helps to alleviate dry skin and helps to seal in that moisture. You might be surprised how many women don’t do this because of a busy lifestyle. If you have to get up an hour early in order to take a shower before work so that you can do this. Your body will love you for it.

2. Using creams with hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides are thicker lotions which create a protective barrier against the cold air. It also helps to seal in your bodies natural oils. Women with darker skin should take special care as they need to protect against hyperpigmentation as mentioned earlier. As winter keeps marching on women of color will experience this even more until spring.

Limit Your Cold Exposure

1. A lot of times darker skinned will go skiing or just out in cold freezing weather develop freezer burn on their skin.
2. Sunscreen does a good job of protecting your skin as it holds in moisture. As with protecting against UV exposure an SPF 30 is good to use. So a good rule of thumb is to limit exposure the cold. Do you see the idea yet? Make sure you limit yourself to the cold weather.

Your skin problems may not show up now if you’re young, but as you get older repeated exposure to the cold will wear on your skin and damage it. Its similar to sun damage or overexposure to the Sun. Doctors agree that remembering to limit yourself to extreme cold exposure is one of the biggest factors in protecting your skin. After all, you only get one.

Avoid Scented Soaps

1. Scented soaps do greatly contribute to dry skin. Yes, they smell great, but a lot of times the scent used in them can dry your skin also. At the very don’t use them in the winter.
2. Doctors agree that one should avoid antibacterial soap as it drys the skin. Doctors recommend using a mild natural soap that does not dry your skin.

Know Your Sensitivity

If you already have sensitive skin then you should avoid clothing like wool as this tends to irritate skin. Try to avoid also synthetic material as it also can cause irritation. Stay with cotton as it is the least of all material that is hypoallergenic.

Put Moisture in the Air

1. Also get yourself a humidifier. You’ll be glad you did. Many people forget about this little machine. It can make your life a lot more pleasant in the winter by putting that much-needed moisture into the air in your home. There are good places to put these wondrous gadgets in your house. A bedroom is a good place also the living room. The two places where we spend most of our time.

You might think that this information is common sense, and it is. All too often people or women get caught up in the rush-by life of modern living and forget these simple tips on how to keep your skin moist.

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